The ability to communicate effectively is important. If a person cannot successfully describe what they need, where they hurt, or what is wrong in general, emergencies are much more likely to occur. Speech therapy is often necessary when someone is recovering from the debilitating consequences of a stroke or dementia, and it may also be necessary after a head injury. No matter the cause, if your loved one is having difficulty communicating, know that there are a number of consequences to ignoring these speech and communication issues, and you may need to consider speech therapy.

At Function First Physical Therapy in Shreveport, LA, we’re proud to offer effective speech therapy services for our clients. After a comprehensive speech therapy evaluation has been performed on you or your loved one, our speech therapists can determine if the problem is language-based and how to best address it. From there, we will build a comprehensive, personalized speech therapy plan to help you overcome speaking challenges and regain your voice. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation!

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