Redcord therapy is a revolutionary suspension-based therapeutic system, created in Norway. The term “redcord” is an English translation from the Norweigan phrase for “the common thread,” referring to the connectivity of the musculoskeletal system that physical therapists work to correct.

According to Redcord research, “neuromusculoskeletal disorders are characterized by altered neuromuscular control in response to pain, injury, diseases, or inactivity. This can result in restricted movements, deficits in performance, and often long term pain or regular reoccurrences.”

Redcord therapy utilizes the Neurac approach, which aims to restore functional, pain-free movement through high neuromuscular stimulation. It combines manual corrective exercises with being comfortably suspended by cords. This approach utilizes movement screens followed by local motor control exercises and myofascial chain exercises to correct movement and move patients out of painful or inefficient movement patterns.

Redcord physical therapy allows each patient to apply high effort without the need for a high mechanical load on the body in order to optimally enhance muscle activation and neuromuscular function.

Redcord can help correct unsteadiness and restore pain-free movement through:

  • Gentle unloading with bungee cords
  • Providing movement control in multiple planes
  • Allowing for precise progressions in movement
  • Customizing body-weight-bearing exercises

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