Matthew Holland PTA

For I consider my present sufferings not worth comparing to the glory to be revealed to us through Jesus Christ our Lord” - Romans 8:18

Matthew was born in Shreveport in July of 1992, and raised a Bossier boy, graduating from Parkway in 2010. Matthew then pursued dual degrees in Counseling Psychology, and Pre-PT. He then began helping kids with ASD in developing functional life skills, and counseling their families in societal interactions. Being a man of faith, having that desire to begin building up a family of his own, and still remaining just as involved in helping people grow and develop, Matthew set his sights on the PTA
program as an opportunity to be able to do both.

After receiving his AAS through the PTA program at BPCC in 2020, he began working for a nursing home PRN in the middle of the pandemic. However, with census numbers dwindling, he knew he needed to start the hunt again or he was going to be without a job once again. Joining his wife for her PT treatment at the Fern location of Function First, Matthew became enamored by the ingenuity of the Redcord System. After asking Donald and Dr. Latisha endless questions on their work, he finally asked the right one, “How can I work here too?”.

Matthew applied and was hired on in October of 2020, beginning work at the Airline location, honing his outpatient skills with this alien system, and even more challenging, answering the phone. Always wanting to challenge himself, and learn everything he could, Matthew started observing others around the clinic, learning their techniques, while also watching the patient’s reactions to them. This helped Matthew develop his own patterns that create a more relaxed environment for the patient to feel more at home with. As Matthew frequently says, “psychological is just as important as physical when it comes to feeling better”, and creating a space where patients feel comfortable and valued is where he thrives.

Outside of helping others achieve their health goals, Matthew enjoys spending time with friends playing various sports, video, and board games. Over the years Matthew studied numerous martial arts, participated in Soccer, Baseball, and Marching Band. Matthew uses what he learned from these activities to better treat patients through a deeper understanding of how the body works to perform desired tasks. Taking a more activity driven approach to therapy helps Matthew create a therapy session
that always keeps you progressing toward your individual goals.

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